June 21, 2017
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Hello and welcome to our website. I created a similar website with my dad when I was eight but then I stopped working on the website but I made great contacts that I visited very year, I know them till now. Around January 2017 I started to see the potential of my website that was getting around 600 to 700 views per day and I didn't work on the website in many years. Then I decided to improve the website and my dad (who has always been supportive) convinced me to create an identity so on April 2017 I visited Pizza SEO like every year and I asked them what do they think about the idea and they said it is a good idea but I couldn't go with my first identity option but it is for the better and we created and we started to create a new website. I convinced my sister Martina (she is 12) to help me with the articles because she is a great at English. We kept on working and we got wireframe and the graphics for the website but it will just take time to improve. I asked my good friend Ewan (he is 14) if he would like to help us and do the videos and he said yes and helped us with the social media. I hope to improve this team in the futere to make this website even better for you.