About US

Hello and welcome to our website. I created a similar website www.birthdaycalculators.com with my dad when I was eight but then I stopped working on the website but I made great contacts that I visited very year, I know them till now. Around January 2017 I started to see the potential of my website that was getting around 600 to 700 views per day and I didn't work on the website in many years. Then I decided to improve the website and my dad (who has always been supportive) convinced me to create an identity so on April 2017 I visited Pizza SEO like every year and I asked them what do they think about the idea and they said it is a good idea but I couldn't go with my first identity option but it is for the better and we created age.ninja and we started to create a new website.

I convinced my sister Martina (she is 12) to help me with the articles because she is a great at English. We kept on working and we got wireframe and the graphics for the website but it will just take time to improve. I asked my good friend Ewan (he is 14) if he would like to help us and do the videos and he said yes and helped us with the social media. I hope to improve this team in the futere to make this website even better for you.

Our Team

There is me Dominik and I am 14 years old, I organise and work with Ewan on the social media. There is Ewan and he is the main social media person and he also creates videos. My sister Martina is the main text writer. Dad is the last but not the least person on are team, he is always supportive and helps us when we can't do something.

Thank You

I would just like to thank everybody on my team you have all worked very hard to make this website and I would like to thank you for reading this text and coming on are website. Thank YOU

Written by Dominik

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