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About age.ninja website

About calculations

This web page is for fun and we will try to show many interesting information calculated from your date of birth. For now you can find 28 facts from your DOB for you or for more than 20,000 celebrities (21,297). To see all calculations you can click here.

All calculations are for fun and interesting to see everything that is posible to find from a date of birth. It is not our intention to make fun of any person or celebrity and every calculations are the same.

Age.ninja is a project of four family members. Because we do it in our free time and we have different professions and school we prefer not to share our full names or photos. We hope that it is still trusworthy. You can contact us here.

The idea for calculations came about when our family had a laugh about how old we were collectively. We found out that it is not such an easy calculation. It was quite fun and we said to ourself that it may be interesting for others as well. And when there is a calculator for combine birthday, why not be there one for other interesting things for famous celebrities. The project was created slowly as we were making it alongside jobs and school. For a long time we thought of what to calculate. It wasn't easy to make a web without much knowledge and we learnt a lot from our mistakes.

This kind of web is very complicated and it was a lot harder to make than originally thought. In the end we decide to run the web even though not every thing was ready. The important thing is that every calculation that is available, is correct and working. The web domain age.ninja was released April 4 2017, and we take this date to be the begining of age.ninja

For all of April 2017 we had 20 visitors (not including ourselves). We did not use active, paid adverts and the viewings increased only gradually. In the begining there was around 100-200 visitors monthly. From the end of March 2020 the whole family had to stay at home due to Covid so we had more time to work on the web. We improved and added a lot of calculations, celebrities and others. We added articles and learnt a lot about how to have a good web page. Slowly the number of users increased and now we have about 30,000 visitors monthly. We are very grateful for this. At the same time we added adverts and all income is for further improvement of the web.

The main goal is for users to like and be interested in the page, so they return and share the page between their friends. We will be thankful for any positive sharing.

For all calculations, you can find what day will be some round celebration. E.g. you can find exactly what day your age will be equivalent to 10 dog years or what day you will have 100 years on planet Mercury or what day you will celebrate 1 million minutes.
We try to point out some of human's life milestones as an animal (for example get a FB as a dog or have a driving license as a tortoise ).

So don't hesitate and have a look! Maybe you will find something nice and funny. If you are looking for something you didn't find, give us a shout and send us a message and we will try to improve it.

We fight to be the best!!!

Age ninja team