Agout website

Hello hello ! Welcome on our web page !

This web page is for fun and we will try to show many interesting information calculated from your day of birth. For now you can find 25 facts from your DOB for you or for more then 25,000 celebrities.

For all calculations, you can find what day will be some round celebration. E.g. you can find exactly what day your age will be equivalent of 10 dog years or what day you will have 100 years on planet Mercury or what day you will celebrate 1 millions minutes.
We try to point out some of human's life milestone as an animal (for example get a FB as a dog or have a driving licence as a tortoise ).

So don't hesitate and have a look! May be you will find something nice and funny. If you are looking for something you didn't find, give us a shout and sent us a message and we will try to improve it.

We fight to be the best!!!