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Life celebrations

Everyday you can find something to celebrate, even if it something small, it can make the day the special. We calculate our age in years. But what if we calculated it in different time units such as days or hours or even if we were born on a different planet or if we lived as an animal. It turns out celebrating a round age doesn't have to be just once a year.

For all fun celebrations, you can use our calcuation just have a look at some key life events table below. All milestone celebrations are calculated from age in days but for a better understanding it is also shown in chronological age. E.g. 10,000 days are displayed as 27 years 4 months 15 days (27y 4m 15d). Because not all months or years have the same number of days, results in chronological age can be slightly different to online age.calculator above which is very exact calculated from your date of birth.

1st year of life
2nd year of life
3rd year of life
4th year of life
5th year of life
6th year of life
7th year of life
8th to 19thyear of life

Baby and preschool age 0 (from birth) to 5 years

The younger you are, the more often you can celebrate. This age is really great for celebrations. Babies and young children grow and change so quickly, but in comparison their birthday comes around very slowly. Why wait to have a party once a year when you can celebrate more often. You just need to to choose and then nothing is stopping you from having a small party throughout the year. dog years calculator

The first year of life

The birth of a baby is a huge event, the miracle of life. New born babies have the most celebrations. No-one even realises that an 11 day old baby is already a millionaire. Yes they celebrate reaching a million seconds, and that is no small thing. In that time, light from the Sun manages to travel through the solar system all the way to dwarf planet Pluto which is 3.7 billion miles (5.9 billion kilometers) away.

Or imagine ordering a cake with '50' on it. Of course it is going to be for marking out the first 50 days days of life. If you like these kind of jokes, you can celebrate the first year of your baby after 87 days (just under three months), needless to say this is not in Earth years but rather the first year on Mercury. You can definitely find more things to celebrate in the first year of life.

Never forget to celebrate the first half birthday. It is so popular, that you can find special cakes, cards and more stuff to buy.

1st Year - 16 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
6 6d 10,000 minutes
11 11d 1 million seconds
41 1m 10d 1,000 hours
50 1m 19d 50 days
69 2m 8d 100,000 minutes
70 2m 9d 10 weeks
87 2m 27d 1st birthday on planet Mercury
100 3m 8d 100 days
115 3m 23d 10 mil. seconds
146 4m 7d 1st turtle age
175 5m 22d 2nd Mercury birthday
183 6m 0d 1st Half birthday
208 6m 25d 5,000 hours
224 7m 10d 1st Venus birthday
263 8m 18d 3rd Mercury birthday
347 11m 11d 500,000 hours

The second year of life

Even after the magnificent first birthday party you don't need to wait a whole year for the next celebration. The second-year can be quite interesting as well.

It can be fun to celebrate 10,000 days, 500 days or a round 5 years on planet Mercury. Planet Mars is becoming more and more popular and an opportunity to commemorate the first Mars year. One day, thanks to Elon Musk maybe it will be common.

Also in the second year can be babies millionaires. For not it will be a great 1,000,000,minutes. Also, there will be an opportunity to have a cake with 100 - it will be in weeks.

And as always don't forget to prepare a party for half birthday!

2nd Year - 10 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
416 1y 1m 20d 10,000 hours
440 1y 2m 14d 5th birthday on planet Mercury
449 1y 2m 23d 2 years on planet Venus
500 1y 4m 13d 500 days
548 1y 6m 0d 2nd Half birthday
578 1y 6m 30d 50 million seconds
674 1y 10m 4d 3rd birthday on Venus
687 1y 10m 17d 1st birthday on Mars
694 1y 10m 24d Millionaire! 1,000,000 minutes
700 1y 10m 30d 100 weeks

The third year of life

For the third year, we chose fewer celebrations but for more, you can use the online calculator above. Apart from the traditional half birthday there is a magnificent 10,000 days to celebrate.

3rd Year - 4 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
833 2y 3m 11d 20,000 hours
880 2y 4m 28d 10th birthday on planet Mercury
913 2y 6m 0 3rd Half birthday
1,000 2y 8m 26d 1,000 days

The fourth year of life

4th Year - 6 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
1,124 3y 0m 29d 5th birthday on Venus
1,157 3y 2m 1d 100 million seconds
1,279 3y 6m 0d 4th Half birthday
1,320 3y 7m 11d 15th birthday on Mercury
1,374 3y 9m 4d 2nd birthday on Mars
1,388 3y 9m 18 2 million minutes

The fifth year of life

5thYear - 3 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
1,500 4y 1m 8d 1,500 days
1,644 4y 6m 0 5th Half birthday
1,759 4y 9m 23d 20th birthday on Mercury

The sixth year of life

6thYear - 5 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
2,000 5y 5m 21d 2,000 days
2,009 5y 6m 0 6th Half birthday
2,061 5y 7m 21d 20th birthday on Mercury
2,083 5y 8m 13d 3 million minutes
or 50,000 hours

The seventh year of life

7thYear - 5 special celebrations
Age in days Chronological age Celebration
2,199 6y 0m 8d 25th birthday on Mercury
2,247 6y 1m 25d 10th birthday on Venus
2,314 6y 4m 1d 200 million seconds
2,374 6y 6m 0 6th Half birthday
2,500 6y 10m 4d 2,500 days

The eighth to ninetheenth year of life

As you get older there are less and less round celebrations. In the following table, you can see a list of some special events. There are not included half birthdays or birthdays as animals.

Age in days Chronological age Celebration
8th Year
2,639 days 7y 2m 22d 30th birthday on Mercury
9th Year
3,000 days 8y 2m 17d 3.000 days
3,079d 8y 5m 4d 35th birthday on Mercury
10th Year
3.371d 9y 2m 23d 15th birthday on Venus
3,435d 9y 4m 26d 5th birthday on Mars
3,472 9y 6m 2d 5 million minutes
or 300 million seconds
3,519 9y 7m 18d 40th birthday on Mercury
11th Year
3,959 10y 10m 2d 45th birthday on Mercury
12th Year
4,166 11y 4m 27d 100,000 hours
or 6 million minutes
4,335 11y 10m 13d 1st birthday on platen Jupiter
13th Year
4,398 12y 0m 15d 50th birthday on Mercury
4,494 12y 3m 19d 20th birthday on Venus
14th Year
4,809 13y 2m 0d 7th birthday on Mars
4,166 13y 8m 8d 5,000 days
15th Year
5,278 14y 5m 13d 60th birthday on Mercury
16th Year
5,496 15y 0m 18d 8th birthday on Mars
5,618 15y 4m 18d 25th birthday on Venus
5,787 13y 10m 4d 500 milion seconds
17th Year
6,158 16y 10m 9d 70th birthday on Mercury
18th Year
6,250 17y 1m 10d 150,000 hours
19th Year
6,741 18y 5m 14d 30th birthday on Venus
6,870 18y 9m 21d 10th birthday on Mars