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Your age if you were an animal.
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How old you are on diffrent planets.
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Your age in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months.
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What your age is for two or more people.
Half birthday


Lets calculate your half birthday.
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December 20, 2019
Half birthday article
New article about half birthday, what is it and how to calculate.

December 15, 2019
Animal articles
Added new articles about dog, cat, turtle, horse, cow, elephant and chimpanzee. Come and see interesting facts e.g. from what age a turtle can get a driving license.

December 12, 2019
Planet articles
Articles about planets. How old you will be if you will live on different planets.

About this unique Age Calculator

Do you want to celebrate? Go ahead we will give you a reason.

For now this is the one and only calculator, that you can find combine age for 2 or more people. Combine age is the sum of all of ages in the calculation. E.g. if 5 friends have roughly 20 years, their combine age is 100 years. Also you can find the day of this combine birthday.

You can find 25 outcomes just from your date of birth. It is possible to calcutale for one person or up to 7. It can include any one more than 20,000 celebrities. It means, that on one result, you can see data for all your friends, family or celebrities.

Half Birthday Calculator

Its so trendy to know your half birthday and its also very fun. Meet your friends and find a reason to celebrate at least twice a year. Calculate your half birthday and find some extra information along with some birthday inspiration for your next party.

Animal Age Calculator

This is the favorite section for all animal lovers and pet owners. You can find your age if you will be your animal as a dog, cat, horse and more. Calculation is based on life expectacy of a human and animal, which varies. Its good fun to give you roughly an idea how many years you will have as an animal.

Planet Age Calculator

This calculation will more appreciated by all science orientated visitors. If you have ever thought about how old you would be if you will live on Mars or other planets, just add you DOB to this calculator. Its very interesting because on some planet you can be older and on some younger. So you will better understand, why Elon Musk would like to colonize Mars :)

Age in time units

We as humans decided to have our age in years and celebrate birthday in years. Its absolutely perfect but we are missing out on so many special birthdays. Could you imagine, that you can also have a birthday party for your 10,000th day or 1 million minutes? Its extremely cool. Its also a good inspiration for the party theme and birthday cake.

Please help us with any comment or mistakes in contact.

Another specific thing is, that this calculator database has 36 million data already calculated for all the 21 thousand celebrities.
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