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Mary Elizabeth Donaldson celebrate 200th years on planet Mercury
Misha Collins celebrate exactly 400,000th hours
23 calculations from your DOB for you or 20,000 celebrities
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Animal age


Your age if you were an animal.
Planet age


How old you are on diffrent planets.
Age in time units


Your age in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months.
Combine birthday


What your age is for two or more people.
Half birthday


Lets calculate your half birthday.
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Find out more interesting facts just from your DOB.

December 20, 2019
Half birthday article
New article about half birthday, what is it and how to calculate.

December 15, 2019
Animal articles
Added new articles about dog, cat, turtle, horse, cow, elephant and chimpanzee. Come and see interesting facts e.g. from what age a turtle can get a driving license.

December 12, 2019
Planet articles
Articles about planets. How old you will be if you will live on different planets.

About this unique calculator

You can find 23 outcomes just from your date of birth. It is possible to calcutale for one person or up to 7. It can include any one of the 21,731 celebrities. It means, that on one result, you can see data for all your friends, family or celebrities.

For now this is the one and only calculator, that you can find combine age for 2 or more people. Combine age is the sum of all of ages in the calculation. E.g. if 5 friends have roughly 20 years, their combine age is 100 years. Also you can find the day of this combine birthday.

For now its far away from it. Please help us with comment in contact.

Another specific thing is, that this calculator database has 36 million data already calculated for all the 21 thousand celebrities.
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