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Animal age - how old are you as an animal?

Have you ever thought what will be your age if you were an animal? Here you can calculate your animal age and find out what day will be your animal birthday. You can find the same for more than 20,000 celebrities.

Animal age is the age you would be as an animal. This is worked out the ratio by comparing the life expectancy of a human (79 years) and the animal. Then we can use this ratio with your age to work out how young or old you would be as a different animal.

Human age Occasion Dog age Cat age Turtle age Horse age Caw age Elephant age Chimpanzee age
5y Starting primary school 0y 10m 1y 1m 12y 6m 1y 11m 1y 11m 1y 11m 1y 11m
13y Can get social media 2y 2m 2y 9m 32y 5m 4y 11m 4y 11m 4y 11m 4y 11m
16y Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity 2y 8m 3y 5m 39y 11m 6y 1m 6y 1m 6y 1m 6y 1m
18y Become an adult 3y 1m 3y 10m 44y 5m 6y 10m 6y 10m 6y 10m 6y 10m
35y Age limit for the US president 5y 11m 7y 5m 87y 3m 13y 4m 13y 4m 13y 4m 13y 4m
50y 50 anniversary 8y 5m 10y 7m 124y 8m 19y 19y 19y 19y
65y Retirement age 11y 13y 9m 162y 1m 24y 9m 24y 9m 24y 9m 24y 9m
71y Life expectancy 12y 15y 177y 27y 27y 27y 27y
100y 100 anniversary 16y 11m 21y 2m 249y 4m 38y 38y 38y 38y