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Age in time units

Usually we are using years for describing our age. Its practical and we can celebrate birthdays.
Sometimes we can celebrate round "birthday" in different time units like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months. Its quite interest to know, what day we celebrate 10,000 days or 1 million seconds.

In the following article are only some celebrations. For more and how to find exact days you can use age ninja calculator on the button of this article.

Time units birthday

Of course, every day we can celebrate but it will be not very practical to have a party everyday :) Also having a party every day, means we can't really enjoy it.
This special celebration is to find special days when its nice and round. Some of them can be so special that its unique life celebration which deserves a party.

100 days or 100 weeks or 100 months? For all the following calculation and on age ninja calculator, time units calculation are based on being born the first second of the day. It means all calculations start at day of birth at 0:00:01a.m. E.g. if you calculate 10,000 minutes of new born baby, its happening on the 6th day. In real, 10,000 minutes is 6 days, 22 hours and 40 min. In real life its on the 6th day only for babies born at least 1 hour and 20 minutes after midnight.

But it doesn't really matter what minute you were born, these calculations are for fun. This is not a maths website :)


Times in seconds? It flies so fast. Of course you can't celebrate exactly in that second. On this calculator you can find the day that you celebrate it.

Second's celebration In days In years/months
1 million 11
10 million 115 nearly 4 months
50 million 578 1 year and 7 months
100 million 1,157 3 year and 2 months
500 million 5,787 15 year and 10 months
1 billion 11,574 31 year and 8 months

Celebration in seconds is ideal for babies. A 11 day old baby already has 1 million second's birthday :)
Extraordinary celebration is for nearly 32 years old adults - its 1 billion second's birthday. Its deserve a very big party.

Minutes celebration

Same for seconds, it can be difficult to find the exact minute of celebration if you do not know the time of your birth. So you can find the day which falls the minutes birthday.

Minute's celebration In days In years/months
10,000 6
1 million 697 1 months to 2 years
5 million 3,472 9 year and 6 months
100 million 6,944 few days after 19 birthdays

A 14 months old babies are millionaires again but its not going to happen again for a very long time. So celebrate!
Also roughly 4 days after 19 birthday its time to celebrate 100 million minute's birthday.

Round Hours

No one thinks about celebrate birthday in hours but you can miss out interesting celebrations.

Hours's celebration In days In years/months
1,000 41
10,000 416 1year and 2 months
100,000 4,164 11 year and 5 months
250,000 10,416 28 year and 6 months
500,000 20,833 57 year and 2 weeks

41 old babies can already celebrate 1,000 days especially if you missed your 100 hours for a 4 days old baby. Nice 10,000 hours can celebrate for your little one.

Every kid shouldn't miss their 100,000 hours birthday and celebrate it with their school mates. You can find more round month celebrations but do not forget to celebrate half a million hours with your friends, colleagues and family.

Day Celebrations

Day's celebration In days In years/months
100 100 3 months
1,000 1,000 1 months to 2 years
5,000 5,000 13 year and 8 months
10,000 10,000 27 year and 5 months

Round Week Celebrations

You can use age in weeks for new born babies. Its so nice to say "my big baby is already 10". Use our calculator for other significant week celebrations in your life.

Weeks's celebration In days In years/months
100 700 1 year 11 months
1,000 7,000 19 years 2 months<
5,000 35,000 95 year and 10 months

When a baby has nearly 2 years, its time to bake the cake with 100 on top of it. You can't miss it. The next round celebration is when you are 19 and will celebrate fantastic 1,000 months.

Monthly celebrations

We are using age in months quite a lot for babies. Its much easier to say "My baby has 2 or 10 months" as to say, that my little darling has 60 or 300 days. As you get older, its less practical to say your age in months but its still interesting to know what day you can celebrate round months.

Month's celebration In days In years/months
100 approx. 3,040 8 years 4 months
500 approx. 15,200 41 years 7 months<
1,000 approx. 30,400 83 year and 3 months

The first great reason for round months celebration is for 8 years old boys and girls. For 100 months birthday its worth having a cake with 100 on it.

If your midlife crisis is coming there is nothing better then to celebrate 500 months and have a party. If you double your age, in your 83, you can celebrate absolutely great 1,000 months.