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100 years ago in February 1923 two great scientists died

BY AGE NINJA   🕘 15, 2023

This February marks one hundred years since the passing of two renowned scientists, Edward Emerson Barnard and Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Barnard, a prominent observational astronomer, discovered five comets, and Röntgen was remembered for his groundbreaking discovery of x-rays. Today, they are both remembered as pioneering figures in their fields even a century later.

On early February 1923, Edwin Emerson Barnard, an American astronomer, and Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist, both died. Both of these men were pioneers in their respective fields and have made immense contributions to science. The world is still feeling the impact of their work a century later. On the 100th anniversary of their deaths, it is an appropriate time to reflect on their contributions and the legacy they left behind.


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Born: Thursday, March 27, 1845 - Died: Saturday, February 10, 1923, age 77 years, 10 months, 14 days
Edward Barnard would be 178 years old in 2023, more calculations about his age are here.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born on March 27, 1845 in Lennep, Germany. He showed an aptitude for science and engineering from an early age, and he excelled in his studies at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Röntgen began his professional career as a professor at the University of Strasbourg. Later he was appointed as the chair of physics at the University of Würzburg in Germany. It was at Würzburg that Röntgen made his most famous discovery.

In 1895, Röntgen conducted an experiment in which he exposed a photographic plate to a Crookes tube, a vacuum tube used for the study of cathode rays. He discovered that the plate was fogged by some unknown form of radiation, which he called “X-Rays”. This discovery revolutionized medicine, as doctors were now able to look inside the body without surgery.

Röntgen’s work was revolutionary, and it had a lasting impact on the field of medicine. His discovery of X-Rays led to the development of medical imaging techniques, such as X-Ray, CT scans, and MRI. His work also helped pave the way for the discovery of other forms of radiation, such as gamma rays and cosmic rays.

Röntgen was the first scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1901. He was also the first to be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. He is remembered as a great scientist and his discoveries have changed the way we practice medicine.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen passed away on February 10, 1923, at the age of 77 years, 10 months and 14 days.

Edward Barnard

Wednesday, December 16, 1857 - Tuesday, February 6, 1923, age of 65 years, 1 month and 21 days
Edward Barnard would be 166 years old in 2023, more calculations about his age are here.

Edwin Emerson Barnard was born in December of 1857 in Nashville, Tennessee. He was a gifted student, winning a scholarship at the age of 14 to the University of Nashville in 1872. He continued his studies at Vanderbilt University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1876.

Barnard’s professional career in astronomy began when he was hired as an assistant to the director of the United States Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. He worked there for seven years, eventually becoming the chief assistant astronomer. During his time at the observatory, Barnard made several important discoveries, such as finding 20 new comets, measuring the brightness of stars, and determining the distance of stars.

Barnard was appointed as the director of the Lick Observatory in California. While there, he continued his research, discovering more comets, analyzing star clusters, and observing galaxies.

Barnard’s work was immensely influential and his discoveries and observations remain important to this day. He discovered a total of five comets, and one of them, Comet Barnard, is now named after him. He also discovered two dark nebulae, which are now known as Barnard’s Loop and Barnard’s Galaxy.

Barnard is remembered for his pioneering work in astronomy and his dedication to advancing the field. He is also remembered for his kindness and generosity. He was a mentor to many of the young, aspiring astronomers of his day, and his legacy lives on through the generations of scientists he helped inspire.

Edward Emerson Barnard passed away on February 6, 1923, in the age of 65 years, 1 month and 21 days.



The contributions of Edwin Emerson Barnard and Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen are still felt a century after their deaths. Barnard revolutionized the field of astronomy, and his discoveries remain important to this day. Röntgen’s discovery of X-Rays changed the world of medicine, and his work paved the way for the development of medical imaging techniques. It is only fitting that we remember these two great scientists on the 100th anniversary of their deaths. Their work will remain an important part of our scientific history for generations to come.