Bruce Forsyth

Born on Wednesday February 22, 1928

✝ Died on Friday August 18, 2017 ✝

Next unlived birthday is 125 days from now
Age in day of death: 89 years 5 months and 25 days

Picture of Bruce Forsyth,  Sunday Night at the Palladium
The half birthday falls on August 24, 2021 which is 308 days from now.
AKA (also known as): Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson
Category: Movie, Others
Subcategory: TV Personality, Game Show Host
Country: United Kingdom
Birth place: London, England
Notice/discription: Sunday Night at the Palladium
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7 months
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27 days

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Generation: The Silent Generation (1928-1945), 1 year from The Greatest Generation (1901-1927)
Zodiac sign: Pisces ♓ (February 19 - March 20)
Chinese Zodiac sign: Dragon

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24 days from now, November 13, 2020 will celebrate 385th birthday on planet Mercury
85 days from now, January 13, 2021 will celebrate 151th birthday on planet Venus
112 days from now, February 9, 2021 will celebrate 386th birthday on planet Mercury
123 days from now, February 20, 2021 will celebrate 232th turtle's birthday
125 days from now, February 22, 2021 will celebrate 93th birthday
156 days from now, March 25, 2021 will celebrate exactly 34,000 days
169 days from now, April 7, 2021 will celebrate 63th elephant's birthday
183 days from now, April 21, 2021 will celebrate exactly 49,000,000 minutes
200 days from now, May 8, 2021 will celebrate 387th birthday on planet Mercury
245 days from now, June 22, 2021 will celebrate exactly 1,120 months
270 days from now, July 17, 2021 will celebrate 233th turtle's birthday
288 days from now, August 4, 2021 will celebrate 388th birthday on planet Mercury
308 days from now, August 24, 2021 will celebrate 94th half birthday
310 days from now, August 26, 2021 will celebrate 152th birthday on planet Venus
322 days from now, September 7, 2021 will celebrate exactly 820,000 hours

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Other names : Bruce Johnson, Boy Bruce, the Mighty Atom, Brucey, Brucie, Sir Brucey, Sir Brucie, Bruce Forsyth-Johnson, Sir Bruce Forsyth-Johnson

British presenter and entertainer, actor, comedian, singer, dancer, screenwriter