Daniel Radcliffe

Born on Sunday July 23, 1989

Next birthday is 307 days from now
Age: 31 years 1 months and 27 days

Picture of Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter
The half birthday falls on January 21, 2021 which is 126 days from now.
AKA (also known as): Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
Category: Movie
Subcategory: actor Harry Potter
Country: United Kingdom
Birth place: London, England
Notice/discription: Harry Potter
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Generation: Milennials or Generation Y (1981-1995)
Zodiac sign: Leo ♌(July 23 - August 22)
Chinese Zodiac sign: Snake
No. of Heartbeats: 1,310,976,000
No. of Breaths: 266,292,000
No. of blinks (with 8 hours of sleep every day): 184,356,000
Hair length (if it was never cut): 474 cm or 4.74 metres (15 feet 6.7 inches)
Nail length (if it was never cut): 1,328 mm or 1.33 metres (4 feet 4.3 inches)

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40 days from now, October 28, 2020 will celebrate 78th turtle's birthday
55 days from now, November 12, 2020 will celebrate 130th birthday on planet Mercury
79 days from now, December 6, 2020 will celebrate 51th birthday on planet Venus
119 days from now, January 15, 2021 will celebrate exactly 11,500 days
125 days from now, January 21, 2021 will celebrate 32th half birthday
137 days from now, February 2, 2021 will celebrate 12th horse's birthday
143 days from now, February 8, 2021 will celebrate 131th birthday on planet Mercury
186 days from now, March 23, 2021 will celebrate exactly 380 months
186 days from now, March 23, 2021 will celebrate 79th turtle's birthday
194 days from now, March 31, 2021 will celebrate exactly 1,000,000,000 seconds
231 days from now, May 7, 2021 will celebrate 132th birthday on planet Mercury
281 days from now, June 26, 2021 will celebrate 9th cow's birthday
286 days from now, July 1, 2021 will celebrate exactly 280,000 hours
298 days from now, July 13, 2021 will celebrate 17th birthday on planet Mars
304 days from now, July 19, 2021 will celebrate 52th birthday on planet Venus
308 days from now, July 23, 2021 will celebrate 32th birthday
319 days from now, August 3, 2021 will celebrate 133th birthday on planet Mercury
332 days from now, August 16, 2021 will celebrate 80th turtle's birthday

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Daniel Radciffe has played in many films in different stages of his ife, he has ben in films such as the Harry Potter series playing Harry, Now You See Me 2, The woman in black, What if and many more films.

On his 21 birthday Daniel had finished acting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2010, so he went on holiday to Russia with two friends where he went to St Petersburg club and enjoyed himself on the trip,  but this meant that he missed his apperance at Comic-Con 2010 where his fans were expectingto see him.