Freddie Mercury

Born on Thursday September 05, 1946

✝ Died on Sunday November 24, 1991 ✝

Next unlived birthday is 278 days from now
Age in day of death: 45 years 2 months and 19 days

Picture of Freddie Mercury, Lead singer, Queen
The half birthday falls on March 06, 2021 which is 95 days from now.
AKA (also known as): Farrokh Bulsara
Category: Music
Subcategory: Singer/Songwriter
Country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Stone Town, Zanzibar
Notice/discription: Lead singer, Queen
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2 months
26 days

26 days

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Generation: Baby boomers or Generatin W (1946-1964), 1 year from The Silent Generation (1928-1945)
Zodiac sign: Virgo ♍ (August 23 - September 22)
Chinese Zodiac sign: Dog

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66 days from now, February 5, 2021 will celebrate 309th birthday on planet Mercury
72 days from now, February 11, 2021 will celebrate 121th birthday on planet Venus
94 days from now, March 5, 2021 will celebrate 21th cow's birthday
95 days from now, March 6, 2021 will celebrate 75th half birthday
116 days from now, March 27, 2021 will celebrate 186th turtle's birthday
154 days from now, May 4, 2021 will celebrate 310th birthday on planet Mercury
184 days from now, June 3, 2021 will celebrate exactly 3,900 weeks
199 days from now, June 18, 2021 will celebrate 39th chimpanzee's birthday
242 days from now, July 31, 2021 will celebrate 311th birthday on planet Mercury
263 days from now, August 21, 2021 will celebrate 187th turtle's birthday
278 days from now, September 5, 2021 will celebrate exactly 900 months
278 days from now, September 5, 2021 will celebrate 75th birthday
297 days from now, September 24, 2021 will celebrate 122th birthday on planet Venus
330 days from now, October 27, 2021 will celebrate 312th birthday on planet Mercury
362 days from now, November 28, 2021 will celebrate 40th birthday on planet Mars

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 British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen