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AGE CALCULATOR: How old would you be on mars?

Martian year

Have you ever thought about finding out Mars age? No, it's not about Bruno Mars's age. BTW, he is 35 years old on earth, but on planet Mars, he would be only 18. Awesome. Right? His date of birth is October 8, 1985. You may be wondering, how did I know this cool information? Well, I guess I'm a better fan of Bruno than you. Haha... Just Kidding!

Planet Mars in Age Calculator article

I used this awesome calculator given below which helps you find interesting calculations about your favorite celebrity. You can do this too by just putting the date of birth of your favorite actor/actress in it. Find out interesting and fun calculations of more than 20,000 celebrities by using this amusing calculator.

In this calculation, you can see yours or someone else's Mars age. It will be in Martian years based on your age on Earth. The orbital period for Mars is 687 days. It is equal to Mars one year - the time needed for the planet to rotate once around the Sun. If we compare it with Earth year (365 days) we have a ratio of 1.88. For a quick calculation, we can say that a Martian year is half of Earth year. And age on Mars is equal to half of your age on Earth. In age. Ninja, all calculations are based on the exact orbital period of Earth and Mars. Not only does it calculates how old someone is on Mars but also it can find your birthday on Mars. You can celebrate your special birthday with a special Mars bar cake.

Weight on Mars

Planet Mars is smaller than Earth. Gravity there is only 38% of Earth's. It means, our weight on Mars will be roughly only 1/3 of Earth's weight. It's great. For example, if someone weighs 90kg (200 pounds) on Earth, then that person's weight will be only 30kg(70 pounds) on Mars.

Calculator: (Insert the number, weight in kg or lb)
Earth: kg / lb
Mars: kg / lb

Imagine how strong you will be there. If you're having a problem lifting something heavy on Earth, you can do it on Mars with only using your left hand.

Also, you can jump higher. Like, if you can jump over the 1m barrier (3.3 feet) on Earth, then you will be able to jump over a 3m barrier (10 feet) on Mars. Amazing. Right? Imagine how tall they will have to build a fence there, especially in prisons! These were a few examples, use your imagination to see how everything would be different there.

If you're a nerd like me, you may want to check out this aging research "Human Adaptation of Space" by NASA. It will give you some awesome insights about Parallel Process. Plus, you will find out the effects of being lazy are similar to a great extent as being in space.

Occupy Mars - making life multiplanetary.

This day we are much closer to being able to "walk on the Mars" . Its thanks to "Elon Musk" big dream and hard work and talent of all his employees his company "Space X" . Occupy Mars - Starship shpace shuttle Its very clear that their long term plan is to occupy the Red planet. They are building the biggest space rocket that was ever built and its fully reusable! All the fans of Space X know how amazing the technology is in the new Starship.

Elon Musk will celebrate his 26th Mars birthday on May 22, 2020. He really would like to travel there and be young. Once he said: "I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact".

Some Interesting Facts:


How can be our life on Mars

Here you can see some interesting facts about our lives. E.g. on Red planet kids will go to school at the age of less than 3 and can be legally on social media from age of 7 martian years.

Human age Mars age Real Life Occasion
5y 2y 8m Starting primary school
13y 6y 11m Can get social media
16y 8y 6m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 9y 7m Become an adult, start uni
35y 18y 7m Age limit for the US president
50y 26y 7m 50 anniversary
65y 34y 7m Retirement age
71y 37y 9m Life expectancy
100y 153y 2m 100 anniversary, letter from Queen in England

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