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Mercury age

On Mercury a year takes only 88 days as it is the closest planet to the Sun. Its 4 times faster than our planet Earth (365days). For that reason, everyone will be 4 times older in Mercury's years. Some special occasions, you can see in the table below.

Human age Mercury age Occasion
5y 20y 9m Starting primary school
13y 54y Can get social media
16y 66y 5m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 74y 9m Become an adult, start uni
35y 145y 4m Age limit for the US president
50y 207y 7m 50 anniversary
65y 269y 10m Retirement age
71y 294y 9m Life expectancy
100y 415y 2m 100 anniversary, letter from Queen

Also its the smallest planet. If you were to live on Mercury you will be a Mercurian and you will never be cold, but be aware you can not use social media until the age of 54 Mercurian age.

Did you know, that Mercury is named after the Roman messenger of Gods. Its logical, because how you can calculate on our website, its a really fast planet.

For calculation are used exact numbers. E.g. for orbital, this calculator is using Mercury orbital time 87.9691 days (source) and Earth orbital time 365.256363 days (source)

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