Marjorie O. Rendell

Born on Saturday December 20, 1947

Next birthday is 128 days from now
Age: 72 years 7 months and 25 days

Picture of Marjorie O. Rendell,  3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
The half birthday falls on June 21, 2021 which is 311 days from now.
AKA (also known as): Marjorie May Osterlund
Category: Politician, Business
Subcategory: Judge, First Lady
Country: United States
Birth place: Wilmington, DE
Notice/discription: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals
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25 days

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Generation: Baby boomers or Generatin W (1946-1964), 2 years from The Silent Generation (1928-1945)
Zodiac sign:
Chinese Zodiac sign: Pig
No. of Heartbeats: 3,056,947,200
No. of Breaths: 620,942,400
No. of blinks (with 8 hours of sleep every day): 429,883,200
Hair length (if it was never cut): 1,106 cm or 11.06 metres (36 feet 3.3 inches)
Nail length (if it was never cut): 3,096 mm or 3.10 metres (10 feet 1.9 inches)

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30 days from now, September 13, 2020 will celebrate 302th birthday on planet Mercury
64 days from now, October 17, 2020 will celebrate exactly 3,800 weeks
79 days from now, November 1, 2020 will celebrate 38th chimpanzee's birthday
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294 days from now, June 4, 2021 will celebrate 305th birthday on planet Mercury
311 days from now, June 21, 2021 will celebrate 74th half birthday
338 days from now, July 18, 2021 will celebrate 28th horse's birthday

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Senior United States Circuit Judge and  former First Lady of Pennnsylvania