Mark Rober

Born on Tuesday March 11, 1980

Next birthday is 331 days from now
Age: 41 years 1 months and 3 days

Picture of Mark Rober, American YouTuber
The half birthday falls on September 10, 2021 which is 149 days from now.
AKA (also known as):
Category: Others
Subcategory: YouTuber
Country: United States
Birth place:
Notice/discription: American YouTuber
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Generation: Generation X or Baby Bust (1965-1980), 1 year to Milennials or Generation Y (1981-1995)
Zodiac sign: Pisces ♓ (February 19 - March 20)
Chinese Zodiac sign: Monkey
No. of Heartbeats: 1,729,036,800
No. of Breaths: 351,210,600
No. of blinks (with 8 hours of sleep every day): 243,145,800
Hair length (if it was never cut): 625 cm or 6.25 metres (20 feet 6.2 inches)
Nail length (if it was never cut): 1,751 mm or 1.75 metres (5 feet 8.9 inches)

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33 days from now, May 17, 2021 will celebrate 171th birthday on planet Mercury
37 days from now, May 21, 2021 will celebrate exactly 1,300,000,000 seconds
46 days from now, May 30, 2021 will celebrate 67th birthday on planet Venus
71 days from now, June 24, 2021 will celebrate 103th turtle's birthday
104 days from now, July 27, 2021 will celebrate 22th birthday on planet Mars
108 days from now, July 31, 2021 will celebrate 7th dog's birthday
108 days from now, July 31, 2021 will celebrate 28th elephant's birthday
121 days from now, August 13, 2021 will celebrate 172th birthday on planet Mercury
149 days from now, September 10, 2021 will celebrate 42th half birthday
209 days from now, November 9, 2021 will celebrate 173th birthday on planet Mercury
211 days from now, November 11, 2021 will celebrate exactly 500 months
217 days from now, November 17, 2021 will celebrate 104th turtle's birthday
268 days from now, January 7, 2022 will celebrate exactly 22,000,000 minutes
270 days from now, January 9, 2022 will celebrate 68th birthday on planet Venus
297 days from now, February 5, 2022 will celebrate 174th birthday on planet Mercury
331 days from now, March 11, 2022 will celebrate 42th birthday
348 days from now, March 28, 2022 will celebrate 16th horse's birthday
364 days from now, April 13, 2022 will celebrate 105th turtle's birthday

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Mark Rober is a ex-nasa engeneer who started an engeneering YouTube chanell back in 2011 named Mark Rober. The chanell has almost got a billion views as Mark creats realy cool and complex project explaning the science behind them in a way people can understand. This has lead th echanell to get over 9 million subscribers.