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Chimpanzee age

Human age Chimpanzee age Occasion
5y 2y 7m Starting primary school
13y 6y 9m Can get social media
16y 8y 4m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 9y 5m Become an adult
35y 18y 3m Age limit for the US president
50y 26y 1m 50 anniversary
65y 33y 10m Retirement age
71y 37y Life expectancy
100y 52y 1m 100 anniversary

There is a different lifespan for animals in the wild and in captivity. Information from the internet says the lifespan is 40-50 years in the wild and 50-60 years in captivity.

For chimpanzees in captivity, the best information we have is this: For those who survive to their first birthday, median life expectancy is 31.7 years for males and 38.7 years for females.
These figures were provided to us by Lincoln Park Zoo's ChimpDATA as part of a unique program we participated in to help project future demographic trends in sanctuaries, and are based on 35 years of records from Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) institutions.

Life expectancy in wild chimpanzees tends to be the same or lower than in captive chimpanzees. One study found that the average life expectancy for chimpanzees across five field study sites was only 15 years. But for those chimpanzees who survived to adulthood, which in this study was defined as 12 years old, their life expectancy was an additional 15 years. Of course, many wild chimpanzees live well beyond 27 years - the oldest wild chimpanzee was estimated to be about 63 years old when she died. Direct comparisons between these types of studies can be difficult because they use different methodologies and analyses, but it gives you a rough idea.

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