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If you own a dog, you may have heard this: "the average dog's one cute fuzzy year is equivalent to seven years of a human." We wish math could be this simple but it's not. Dogs grow up quickly. Sadly, this means they have a way shorter life span than humans. dog years calculator That's why it's better to figure out your dog's exact equivalent human age to avoid the feeling of losing your loved ones or at least pretend like it. Our human's age to dog's age calculator considers the average life span of 71 years & 12 years for a human and a dog respectively. Our calculator evaluates age equivalence between them by keeping in mind all the guidelines and research available.

We love dogs. Almost all of us do. It doesn't matter if it's a small dog, puppy, bulldog, or fluffy dog, all of them are loved so much. We nickname them. We make sure they are well, being just like our close companions. According to science, it is hard to say the exact equivalency ratio between a human and a dog's life. American Veterinary Medical Association breaks it like this as a general guideline for all the dog owners:

Meaning, the size and breed of a dog play an important role in the maturity ability over the years. Smaller dogs tend to have longer life spans than the large ones but they mature quickly. For example, the huge pup may seem to grow slow in his beginning of life but when it reaches a certain age i.e. 5 years then it shows rapid growth. Middle-sized dogs fall in between larger ones and smaller ones in terms of growth.

Similarly, different breeds have different life spans e.g. Chihuahua has 15-17 years of life expectancy, and Yorkshire Terrier has 17-20 years of life expectancy. On the other hand, Bernese Mountain Dog has a life expectancy of only 7 years.

Anyhow, we have simplified these calculations for you. Calculate now, if you want to know, how old you would be as a dog? Also, you will find interesting facts/calculations i.e. half birthday, your age on different planets, your age equivalency to other animals, how long your hair would be if you never cut it, and much more.

If you ask dog owners why they feel that much love towards dogs? They will tell you about the enduring and deep connection they feel towards their dogs. It's strange for them as well, how much they want to know about their dogs so that they can take good care of them in response to their dog's undeniable loyalty, company, and love. One other thing they feel proud of is this weird dynamic relationship with their dogs. Which, they can't imagine having with another human being.

We made an attempt to present this dynamic but unique connection between dogs and humans in the form of a table. And it would be fun to correlate growth trends between dogs and humans with the help of real human life examples. It will help you understand the dynamic relation more easily.

5y 0y 10m Starting primary school
13y 2y 2m Can get social media
16y 2y 8m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 3y 1m Become an adult, start uni
35y 5y 11m Age limit for the US president
50y 8y 5m 50 anniversary
65y 11y Retirement age
71y 12y Life expectancy
100y 16y 11m 100 anniversary, letter from Queen in England

Photo of puppy by Alvan Nee on Unsplash.

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