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Turtle age calculator

Have you wondered how old you would be as a turtle? Or how to calculate turtle years to human years? We all know that turtles live long lives. As with any other animal age calculation, we need to compare human and turtle life expectancy. For easy calculation turtles live twice as long as humans.

So, for easy calculation your age in turtle years, just simply multiply by 2. It means, that 1 human year will be 2 turtle years. For example if you are 20 years old, in turtle age it will alredy be 40 years. In the another way, if you have a turtle as a pet which is 10 years old, it is just 5 human years old. It is the easy way how to turn turtle years in human years.

If will be quite funny to live in a turtle world. Turtle hatchlings can play for 10 years until they will go to school for the first time. Also they will have to wait 30 years to open account on any social media. And for buying alcohol and cigarettes they have to wait till they are an adult which will be roughtly 40 years!

In imaginary United States of Turtles, the minumum age to canditate for president will be more than 85 years! In that higher age, that candidate will be a very good, wise and an experienced head of state. On the other hand, the average age to go to retirement will be more than 150 years. It will be a long and productive life.

Turtle age 40 years

All these calculations are more for fun. It is not possible to make exact calculation. Human life expectancy depends on region and life style. The age and life expectancy of turtles varies greatly depending on the species. To be honest, in this calculator we are using ratio 2.5 and it is more for turtoise. Turtoises live considerably longer than turtles. So the calculator can exactly find your turtle birthday but it just for fun and imagine some situations in turtle/tortoise word.

More special turtle events you can see in table below.

Turtle age chart

Human age Turtle age Occasion
5y 12y 6m Starting primary school
13y 32y 5m Can get social media
16y 39y 11m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 44y 5m Become an adult
35y 87y 3m Age limit for the US president
50y 124y 8m 50 anniversary
65y 162y 1m Retirement age
71y 177y Life expectancy
100y 249y 4m 100 anniversary

In fact turtles live 80 years. Whereas tortoises live much longer. Tortoises are sea (water) creatures and turtles are land animals. In this calculation, we are using a tortoise lifespan of 177 years and we call it turtle age. Logical no? But it is more fun.

For more serious turtle calculation you need to know exact lifespan. There are more than 300 spieces of tutles and tortioises. Some of them live only 10 years.

The longest living tortoise

Turtles and tortoises can live for a surprisingly long time - some species can even outlive humans! Here are some of the most famous long-lived tortoises:


Turtle age, Jonathan

The longest living tortoise is Jonathan. He was born - hatched in 1832. For example in the same year on July 24 Benjamin Bonneville lead the first wagon train across the Rocky Mountains by Wyoming's South Pass or Nicknamed 'Old Hickory', Jackson served as the 7th President of the United States (1829-1837) and a lot of other interesting things.

He was 33 years (1865) when Abraham Lincoln (16th president of USA) was assassinated. In January 2016, the BBC reported that Jonathan was given a new diet that intended to keep him healthy and extend his life. more


The longest living tortoise was Adwaita, an Aldabra giant tortoise that died in 2006 in the Alipore Zoological Gardens of Kolkata India, is believed for the tortoise to have lived to the age of 255 years but this has not been confirmed. The most popular spieces which we have as a pet can live from 15 to 50 years. more


Harriet the Galapagos Tortoise: Harriet was a Galapagos tortoise who lived to be more than 175 years old! She was believed to be the oldest living creature in the world when she passed away in 2006. more

Tu'i Malila

Tu'i Malila: Tu'i Malila was a radiated tortoise who lived to be 188 years old! He was kept as a pet by the Tongan royal family before his death in 1965. more

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