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Cow age

Human age Cow age Occasion
5y 1y 5m Starting primary school
13y 3y 8m Can get social media
16y 4y 6m Drive a moped, can consent to sexual activity
18y 5y 1m Become an adult
35y 9y 10m Age limit for the US president
50y 14y 1m 50 anniversary
65y 18y 4m Retirement age
71y 20y Life expectancy
100y 28y 2m 100 anniversary

Cows can live up to 18- 22 years, it depends on the type of breed. So according to our calculation most cows don't go into retirement. It is very sad. But at nearly 5 years of age they can chat with their friends on social media.

The longest living cow was Big Bertha. She was born on the 17 March 1945 and died 31 December 1993. Bertha was famous for getting two Guinness World Records:

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