Princess Diana

Born on Saturday July 01, 1961

✝ Died on Sunday August 31, 1997 ✝

Next unlived birthday is 127 days from now
Age in day of death: 36 years 1 months and 30 days

Picture of Princess Diana, Diana Spencer
The half birthday falls on December 30, 2021 which is 309 days from now.
AKA (also known as): Diana Frances Spencer
Category: Politician, Others
Subcategory: first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales
Country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Park House, Norfolk, England
Notice/discription: Diana Spencer
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7 months
23 days

23 days

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Generation: Baby boomers or Generatin W (1946-1964)
Zodiac sign: Cancer ♋ (June 21 - July 22)
Chinese Zodiac sign: Ox

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Princess Diana Celebratebrations from her DOB

7 days from now, March 3, 2021 will celebrate 97th birthday on planet Venus
27 days from now, March 23, 2021 will celebrate 149th turtle's birthday
28 days from now, March 24, 2021 will celebrate 248th birthday on planet Mercury
116 days from now, June 20, 2021 will celebrate 249th birthday on planet Mercury
127 days from now, July 1, 2021 will celebrate 60th birthday
127 days from now, July 1, 2021 will celebrate exactly 720 months
173 days from now, August 16, 2021 will celebrate 150th turtle's birthday
195 days from now, September 7, 2021 will celebrate 32th birthday on planet Mars
202 days from now, September 14, 2021 will celebrate exactly 1,900,000,000 seconds
204 days from now, September 16, 2021 will celebrate 250th birthday on planet Mercury
212 days from now, September 24, 2021 will celebrate exactly 22,000 days
232 days from now, October 14, 2021 will celebrate 98th birthday on planet Venus
239 days from now, October 21, 2021 will celebrate 17th cow's birthday
287 days from now, December 8, 2021 will celebrate 23th horse's birthday
292 days from now, December 13, 2021 will celebrate 251th birthday on planet Mercury
295 days from now, December 16, 2021 will celebrate exactly 530,000 hours
309 days from now, December 30, 2021 will celebrate 61th half birthday
320 days from now, January 10, 2022 will celebrate 151th turtle's birthday
347 days from now, February 6, 2022 will celebrate 41th elephant's birthday

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member of the British royal family, first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry